In an ever changing globalized world, we can truly empower our youth by teaching them to embrace their individuality and uniqueness while appreciating the fact that it is in our differences and diversities that we find harmony and complementary living. The amalgamation of these two simple ideas encapsulates the perspective behind Power in “We”.

The ‘We’ way is about learning to depend on one another with gratitude and humility while embracing our responsibility to be our best for them in return. By providing a platform that embraces people from diverse backgrounds who constantly work together to play their unique part, we foster appreciation of collective unity and diversity.

This message of collaboration and collective unity is a common thread shared by all at Indira.

EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY and is driven by the motivation to strive to be the best we can be, lift and cooperate with one another. And in doing so we become the dream team that we were meant to be- our faculty, students and corporate partners, each entity stepping up and complementing the other to attain individual and common goals. We work towards creating a workforce that lives and breathes the same spirit. For we believe, it is truly all for you and you for all.’We’ invite you to come and be a part of this exciting journey, excitement that stems from insight, understanding and fulfillment of one’s true potential and most importantly from succeeding while helping others succeed.

Vision / Mission


To create a centre of academic excellence in the field of Management and IT Education with the purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements through holistic development of the future performers, who are also good human beings, and possess the right knowledge, skill sets & attitude towards their work and life.


To promote a learning environment that welcomes and honors men & women from diverse cultures for involving themselves in intellectual inquisitiveness, explore knowledge dimensions for future application in industry, business and life. To develop managers and entrepreneurs in the field of management and IT, who can serve as engines of national and global economic growth & innovation. To foster strategic alliances with industry for research and its application. To inculcate ethical, social and moral values in all our stakeholders which is the basis of humane social order.